Discovering Holistic Lifestyle Solutions in all Things: Head-Heart-Hands-Home-Health

This is a place for families to explore holistic lifestyle solutions:

What is holistic living? It is all encompassing. In my life, it is the practice of intentionally choosing value over convenience. 

We live in a world driven by convenience and instant satisfaction. It can be overwhelming and discouraging to go against this trend. But, it is always rewarding.

Are looking for practical advice on how to make your holistic lifestyle successful?

Are you looking for inspiration?

Are you looking to connect with people who care about the same things?

These are my goals for this blog and my group, holistic homeschoolers.

What can you expect to discover as you explore this blog?

I cover a wide range of holistic lifestyle topics here. Until now, it has been focused on homeschooling. But, that is changing for a number of reasons.

  1. I no longer want to be confined to writing about one facet of my life.
  2. As a holistic family, homeschooling has very little to do with reading and writing in our home. Yet, that is what many “homeschool” families expect to read here. It’s time to appeal to a wider crowd–one in which homeschooling is a natural extension of living rather than a forced learning experience.
  3. As a copywriter and brand expert, I need a space to showcase my branding practices IRL. Thus, my passion project has become my showcase.

I have identified 5 core principles that define holistic living to me. Everything I write about comes back to at least one of these principles:

Head: Discover possibilities. Explore new terrain. Wonder “what if” and “why.” Think critically.

Hands: Hold each moment close. Touch the world all around. Mold new ideas. Craft new solutions.

Heart: Connect with your children. Teach them the how to connect with each other and their surroundings. Nurture their emotional intelligenceBuild strong character. Love your spouse. Encourage one another in love.

Home: Guide your children using a predictable rhythm. Manage your home, school, and business. Prepare an environment that ignites new ideas. Invite God in. Inspire a sense of peace.

Health: Go beyond real food. Discover the power of herbal healing. Explore the world of food sensitivities. Learn how to find room in your budget for the best quality foods and supplements. Balance it all amidst the rest of your hectic life.

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